Rolling Hills Literacy Garden

The mission of the Rolling Hills Literacy Garden is to educate, empower, and inspire our community to protect and connect with the nature around us. 

We believe that gardening is for everybody. No matter your skill, strength, age, or experience, there’s a role for everyone and we are still growing. 


The garden was established in 2011 with a majestic native willow at its center. It’s home to more than a dozen fruit trees, flower and vegetable beds, an herb box, and a collection of native plants. We compost and collect rainwater, and maintain an active library box for books, garden resources, and learning aids. 

The garden is a certified Monarch Waystation, which is a commitment to offering the habitat needed to support Western monarchs migrating in the fall. It is a certified Earthly-Friendly Garden, which guides its principles for sustainable, responsible landscape management. 


The garden offers a natural sanctuary for TK-5 Rolling Hills students to learn, explore, and decompress from the busyness of the school day. Students from all grades visit the garden for recess, reading time, and learning activities. They help with planting, weeding, watering, cleanup tasks, and planning. 


The garden receives sponsorship and support from the Rolling Hills Elementary School Foundation, the Master Gardener Association of San Diego County, community and grant funding, and many dedicated volunteers. 

Interested in volunteering? There's a role for everyone, scheduling is flexible, and green thumbs are not required! We also have monthly volunteer sessions on the first Saturday morning of the month to do garden cleanup and special projects. Visit the form to to learn more, sign up for for programs, or join the general interest mailing list:

Fall Plant Sale

The Rolling Hills Literacy Garden is a school garden program and outdoor education space at Rolling Hills Elementary School in San Diego, CA. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire our students and community to connect with and protect the nature around us. We are supported by the the Rolling Hills Foundation, grant funding, and community donations. 

Funds from our Fall Plant Sale will support new seating and reading spots in the garden, education supplies and student garden tools, and resources for our Garden Library. 

Look for our stand at Pumpkinpalooza, Friday Flag, and other school events to purchase succulents, veggie starts, houseplants, and other garden goodies. Or, donate online any time! Your support keeps us growing. 


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